A Guide to Regripping your Irons

A Guide to Regripping your Irons

Nov 10, 2022RENEE M

Welcome to the game!

Wondering how to get started? We've got a basic guide on what to do once you have your RIPIT Grips.

First off, you'll want to order the best golf grips around - RIPIT Grips.


Where to go:

Any golf shop, pro shop & driving range should have the facilities to change your grips. Due to you supporting the small guy (ie. RIPIT), they have to charge a small fee for the regripping service. But no stress, it's cheap, easy & quick!


How Much:

The going rate is from $2-5 per club. If you're a member at a course, they will generally change them for free, so keep that in mind. Don't let the sneaky fellas charge you any more than that. We do it in-house here at RIPIT and we can guarantee it's as easy as Ernie's swing. 

How Long:

1-3 grips will generally take them 10 mins. If they have to regrip a whole set, they will most likely want the overnight. We know you won't want to leave them, but you need to let the glue set overnight before you swing away anyways...


Let's make golf cool. 


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