6 Gifts For The Man Who Loves Golf

6 Gifts For The Man Who Loves Golf

Dec 06, 2021Renee Dadswell

It's time to let the golf lover in your life know just how much you care about them! We're going to call it right here and now - golfers as a whole are quite possibly the hardest people to buy for. Why does it feel like they have all the gear already?! 

Before you buy them another impersonalised gift card, shoot your shot with something that's a bit more unique. We've put together six gift ideas to help the lucky recipient in your life seriously level up their golf game. 

6 Gift Ideas for Golf Lovers 


To get the ball rolling on gift ideas, there's no greater present than a fresh golf club grip. A newbie is enough to make any avid golfer feel like they've just bought a whole new club. Ripit's very own collection of grips are thoughtfully engineered to assist in executing a flawless round, whilst looking crispier than a freshly cut fairway! They'll appreciate the ultimate refresh for many rounds to come. 

golf grip


There's nothing more disappointing than cracking a lukewarm beer on a warm summer's day out on the course. Save the disappointment and treat your mate, partner or whomever it may be to a golf beer cooler that fits inside a standard golf bag, making it super easy to carry around (or conceal 🤫). These ones from Athletico or Clicgear do the trick. 


Ripit's ball markers sparkle on the green, so they'll never have to second-guess which ball is theirs ever again! These curvaceous beauties are available in gun metal grey and matte black, silver and gold. Focus on that Fed Ex winning putt. 


On the days when you need to bring the energy right up, music is the way to go. Opt for a speaker you can clip into your Wirelessly stream from your phone and keep the good tunes rolling out on the green. We recommend opting for one that is waterproof and dustproof, so it won't rain on your parade (literally). We've found that the JBL Clip Speakers are one of your best bets.  


Why don't you bundle a new golf club grip with the ultimate golf grip kit? If they manage to get down to the course once or twice a week, it's recommended they change their grip every six months, at the very least. If they're handy with their hands and don't want to pay someone else to do the job for them, set them up with the ultimate re-gripping kits - we're talking grip solvent, shaft clamp and tape strips!


Last but certainly not least, every golfer needs a set of tees! Forget about those flimsy plastic tees, Ripit's tees are made from sustainably farmed bamboo. Sporting 8 fun colours, you won't get bored of swinging off these bad boys. If you want to hit off every colour of the rainbow, opt for the Mixed option. 

golf tees
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