Jun 28, 2023RENEE M

As a passionate golfer, I know the game is steeped in tradition, but I also believe in shaking things up a bit. That's where RIPIT Grips comes in. We are a brand dedicated to the new generation of golf players who embrace the spirit of the game with a contemporary twist. With a perfect fusion of passion, style, and high-performance engineering, RIPIT Grips is capturing the hearts of golfers who want to make a statement both on and off the green.

A Vibrant Approach: At RIPIT Grips, we refuse to be confined by convention. We celebrate the exhilarating combination of Sunday game passion and a Saturday night vibe. Just like the legendary John Daly did back in '91, we aim to ruffle a few feathers and inject energy, style, and personality into every product we create. Gone are the days of playing it safe. We're here to bring excitement and a fresh perspective to the game we love.

Unleashing Style on the Fairway: As a golfer, I know that my clubs are an extension of my body and my style. That's why I believe they should reflect my personality and make a statement. At RIPIT Grips, we take this belief to heart. We prioritize high-quality craftsmanship without compromising on style. With our grips, you can showcase your unique personality and elevate your style on the fairway. We're here to help you make a bold statement with every swing.

Uncompromising Quality: At RIPIT Grips, we understand that performance is paramount. We know that no matter how stylish a grip may be, it must deliver exceptional performance on the course. That's why we're committed to creating high-performance products that cater to both professionals and enthusiasts alike. Each grip is meticulously engineered to provide a confident and comfortable grip throughout the game. With RIPIT Grips, you can expect nothing less than exceptional performance without sacrificing your personal sense of style.

Zesty Designs for the New Generation: We're breaking away from tradition and injecting a fresh burst of design into our products. Our grips are all about vibrant and eye-catching aesthetics. Inspired by the excitement of sipping margaritas on the 19th hole, we infuse our designs with bold colors and innovative patterns. We want our grips to exude a freshness that resonates with the new generation of golfers who seek a contemporary and dynamic golf experience.


As a golfer who craves excitement and self-expression, I'm proud to be a part of RIPIT Grips. We're revolutionizing the way golf is played and perceived. With our unique blend of passion, style, and high-performance engineering, we're empowering golfers to make their mark on the green. So, join us in stepping onto the course with RIPIT Grips and experience the perfect fusion of style and performance. Get ready to make your rounds as crisp and exhilarating as a freshly cut fairway. Together, let's embrace the new wave and redefine golf for the modern generation.


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